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Domestic Connections

Nepal Airlines has an extensive network of air services to major parts of the country. Besides Nepal Airlines, other domestic airlines provide regular and charter services to popular domestic destinations that include major tourists’ hubs. Many domestic airlines operate early morning till late afternoon, and this includes one-hour Mountain flights, especially in the peak tourists’ season and round the year.

Some of the major airlines operating in the country are: 

1. Nepal Airlines
2. Buddha Air
3. Yeti Airlines
4. Saurya Airlines

Most of Nepal’s domestic airlines follow international norms of safety and are sensitive to passengers needs in the landlocked nation where airline operations are critical for traveling to different destinations within the country as surface routes tend to be always plagued with landslides, especially in the monsoon season. At Incentive Holidays, we offer Domestic flight bookings to all the major cities and tourists hubs throughout Nepal.


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