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Photography: Boundless locations of diverse beauty for amateurs and professional photographers.

Photography is a pleasant art, but also one that can be learned. Some forethought, a little basic knowledge and the will to go out and tramp some of Nepal’s literal towns that can be billed as ‘living museums’’, with the vast rural landscapes of immense scenic beauty is sure to bring gratifying results for photographers from all walks of life heading to Nepal. 

From sunrise to sunsets, religious and spiritual events, festivals and imposing mountains, reels of photographic memories can be passed down to generations.

The sun’s fiery globe lingering over the rose tinted Himalayas is the picture every Nepal visitor dreams of taking. Though the ideal vantage point may be a week’s hike into hills above 3000m, during clear weather, especially in the falls, you can take mountable shots even from the balcony of your hotel in Kathmandu. The autumn season is a photographer’s delight to shoot the Himalayas. From atop any of Kathmandu’s ‘high rise’ hotels, or from swayambhunath, you’ll witness the impressive ridge that guards the north of Kathmandu. From the hilltops nearby – Kakani, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel or Phulchoki, you’ll be able to capture heart throbbing views of the Himalayan horizon, from Everest to the Annapurnas; all of these high points are accessible by vehicle. Comfortable hotel accommodations are available at all these havens of exquisite beauty. 
Capture the living world of Nepal with its vibrant colours. The mind blowing sunrise and sunset views are but some of the best photo shots you can come by in Nepal. 

Any one of Incentive Holidays camera pros will be with you on your photography tour and guide you on how to be ‘Ready, Aim and Shoot’ because nearly every area or landscape in Nepal is photographable if not framable – and you will find scenes to match any frame or thought that catches your eye. 


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