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Weddings: Some of the world’s best places to get a ‘YES’…In Nepal.

Once you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with that special someone, you’re faced with what can feel like an even greater decision. Where do I pop the question?

He Said/She Said: 

‘Nepal is one place in the world where you could fall in love’. Nepal has had its share of visitors in all shades of human nature and colors for that perfect chemistry – right from the gentlest of people on earth to legendary mountaineers who came, saw and conquered its peaks. There are those who flew in just to watch the rare bird species and we also had those shady con artists who said that money grows on trees in Nepal – which they inadvertently found in Nepal’s ATMs, and caught in the act. And we also had notorious international criminals like Charles Sobraj who swore that he’d even smuggle an elephant out of Nepal, which became his nemesis, only to land up in Nepal’s dingy slammers, where he still languishes; Nepal has seen them all – the Good, the Bad…and the Ugly. 

Nevertheless, despite this heady mix of visitors we’ve had, all will swear that Nepal is one place in the world where you could fall in love, And ironically, none other than Charles Sobraj will vouch for this. There are many who come to Nepal and fall in love with the country…& one another. We’ve also known of several who’ve sorted out some of the most troublesome boardroom hurdles in Nepal’s tranquil resorts on the mountains and sworn enemies have unexpectedly bumped into each other high up on the trails of this lovely Himalayan country, only to come down to earth and give peace a chance, leaving Nepal with life long friendships; the unpredictable only happens in this beautiful slow moving country that prefers to stay behind the clock. 

Ever thought of enjoying your honeymoon at 8848m atop Mt. Everest? It’s a mind blowing phenomenon on the highest mountain in the world. In a few minutes minus 20 degrees at freezing point, with entwined hands, enjoy warmed champagne, look into her eyes and tell her the magical words…that you crossed so many oceans just to be with her, climbed the highest mountains just to live with her… forever…and in these exceptional settings of spectacular landscapes, hear her whispering the golden words – ‘I Do’- and its sealed…forever; a romantic occasion never to be forgotten at a spot where legends were made. And should this work as planned, you will be the second couple in the world to have tied the knot atop Everest, the king of all peaks on planet earth.

The options for weddings and honeymoons are so many in Nepal; we’ll go a little further. Sometimes women prefer to be landlocked, and with this in mind, the options would be Nagarkot and Dhulikhel, sleepy little honeymoon resorts lost in a world of its own natural beauty; offering perfect views of the enveloping mountains; you can hang out in these quiet and peaceful ancient towns for hours, watching the local folks attired in colorful dress ramble on by. As you stroll along the quiet walks with your paramour, look out for the lovely landscapes that surround you, watch the ancient valley lit up in the evenings, and from a vantage point of your resort in the moments of twilight, Steal a kiss from your special one as the sun sets in a spectacular display of colors over some of the most famous peaks in the world. 

And if this is not all, then seal it in ancient Kathmandu’s ‘Garden of Dreams’, a romantic spot of historical significance that will produce a wooing environment similar to that of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Just before you enter Kathmandu’s tourist hub Thamel, opposite to the SAARC Secretariat on busy Tridevi Marg, a pert little entrance in a tall brick wall leads into perhaps the most unimagined experience in the city. Step inside and you will encounter a revival of classical art forms in this historical garden -- a place of ponds and lily pads, bright well trimmed green lawns and whispering palm trees, and something most welcome, quiet. This is a hypnotically lovely place, especially when illuminated at night. Sit down to a few cuppers of tea/coffee/wine, and let rip about ‘those were the days my love, I thought they’d never end’’ at the Kaiser Café to complete the experience…and tell her how much she means to you. To go off track for the wilder side of love and romance, then make it hot, steamy and mushy with a jungle foray at any of Nepal’s lush green national parks…there’s no one to disturb you except the birds and one of them tigers yawning in the glades, enjoying the bliss of your love shared with the love of your life… for these are the backdrops to a guaranteed ‘YES’ in a world bereft of true love.

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